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“Is it Too Late?” What to do When You Discover Misconduct by an Executive or Key Employee.

By Ashtyn Saltz If you’re the CEO, a board member, or other guardian of a company’s interests, your duties include assuring the company’s employees (current and former) are not acting against the company’s interests, in violation of his or her fiduciary duties. We frequently receive calls from board members, heads of business, and C-level executives Read More

Statutes of Repose Changes Can Throw a Wrench Into Construction Company or Property Owner Liability

By Eugene R. Scheiman If you are the CEO or owner of a real estate development company, or of a general contracting company, you may be faced with injury claims to parties or property based on faulty construction. You count on contractors to provide adequate defenses and indemnification that will protect you from for those Read More

Is Your Legal Malpractice Claim Barred by a Statute of Limitations? Make Sure You Preserve Your Valuable Claims.

By Brent Silverman and Ashtyn Saltz You are the CEO of a closely held company and you suspect your attorney has made a mistake that either caused a major deal to collapse or resulted in important litigation being lost. Is your lawyer to blame? Whether or not your lawyer is responsible, and whether or not Read More

A Key Employee is About to Walk Out the Door Who Doesn’t Have a Non-Compete: What to Do?

By Kip Schwartz Over the years, I have heard from many business executives—usually long after the fact—who felt powerless when a key employee walked out the door to a competitor unencumbered by a non-compete agreement. As a consequence, usually no timely, proactive steps were undertaken by these former employers to protect their company’s interests from Read More

How Do You Hit A Real Estate Curveball?

By Chad Cooper In baseball, there are many ways you can try to hit a curveball. There is plenty of advice about the best way to hit one but, since each one is different, the most important steps for every curveball are to quickly recognize it for what it is, confront it, and then decide Read More

Lawyer Malfeasance Causing Sleepless Nights? What You Need to Know.

Board members, heads of business, C-level executives from all walks of life. I can’t tell you how many times throughout my career I’ve talked with people in powerful positions who are actually losing sleep, sick over what they’ve discovered their own, trusted lawyers failed to do to protect the company they represent. The terror is Read More